Sunday, December 28, 2008

6 christmases

we had a wonderful Christmas this year or should i say we had 6 wonderful Christmases!!!! we started out at Eric's grandparents (the Wyricks) house the afternoon of Christmas Eve. we spent a couple of hours there just having enough time to eat a snack and open gifts. next was Candlelight service at First Baptist with my Dad's side of the family. after church we headed to my aunt and uncle (Kathy & Derek's) to eat dinner and open gifts again. last stop for the night was Booah and Papaws. we left there about 10:30 and Atlee was a pooped pup by the time she got to bed. Christmas morning we went to aunt Kim and uncle Jabin's house and opened gifts with them and my mom. shortly after we stopped by Eric's moms for a yummy lunch and more gifts. last stop on our journey was Eric's dad and stepmoms. whew....we survived a fast and furious one....all in 2 days!!!! as you can imagine, with ALL our loving family, we had a blessed holiday!!!! hope everyone enjoyed Jesus birthday as much as we did!!!

one of Atlee's favorite toys is her activity table....thanks Nana and Papa Bubba!
Atlee and cousin Daley in their Christmas you can tell these girls didn't want any part of taking pictures at this point. they were pooped from all the gift opening!

her 1st rocking horse.....thanks booah and papaw!!!

this year mommy read Atlee The Christmas Story. this is a Knecht Christmas tradition that we have done ever since i was a little girl....each year one of the grandkids would read the book to the rest of the family.

Atlee was intrigued by the fake snow that was falling after Candlelight Service.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

rudolph the red nosed reindeer

atlee's daycare had their christmas play thursday night and she and the rest of her classmates were reindeer. it was so cute!!!!! picture this.....about 20 infants and toddlers all on stage singing at the same about chaos. there were a select few that attempted to sing while the rest of them screamed, picked their noses, and ran around the stage.....too funny!!! i do have to report that that my little one was such a precious angel....or should i say she was like a "deer in the headlights". overall, it was a great night and we managed to get a few pics with Santa (she wasn't quite sure of him either...go figure).

Monday, November 17, 2008

party time

Atlee turned 1 year on November 14th! so in celebration of her birthday, we had a big bash for her on Saturday! poor thing was so exhausted even before the party began, but we were able to get in a cat-nap before all the festivities started. she woke up just in time for the good open all her gifts and stuff her face with cake and cookies! she was set on eating her Di-Di's (Eric's mom) homemade cookies and wasn't very interested in the cake at first. once i got the cookie away and gave her a taste of the icing it was all over.....she shoved the entire piece in her mouth. of course everyone started laughing and the noise startled her....she immediately started to cry, but that lasted no time because she realized that yummy cake was still in her mouth! we eventually had to take it away from her or she would have eaten the entire mother, like daughter! on to the gifts.....she got sooooo many toys and really didn't know what to do with everything. she actually was more interested in playing with the balloons. she is still finding toys and her face is priceless when she lights up with excitement to see something new. so, thanks to everyone who showered our baby with gifts and love on her 1st birthday!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

toy time

Atlee had a blast playing with her new toy! our neighbors were cleaning out their garage a few weeks ago and stubbled upon some old toys that their kids had outgrown....they thought that atlee would get some good use out of them and they were right! she loves her new tigger truck! thanks to the Hammers!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st day of school

daddy managed to snap a pic before our big day began.....

yesterday was Atlee's 1st day of school! as any first time parents, we had mixed emotions, but knew it was time for her to meet new friends and learn the "ins and outs" of daycare. soooooooo.....we decided it would be best for daddy to drop her off for the first few weeks until she gets adjusted....i just couldn't stand to see her cry as i walk out the door. much to our surprise, she hasn't cried for us at all!! she has been busy taking everything in and playing with with her new friends to realize we aren't there! she is doing great and adjusting well....looks like we are off to a good start!!!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ok, so i hope no one has a heart attack reading this because its true.....we finally have a personal computer AND decided to start blogging! i know, i know, you all are probably thinking that i am lying, but really i'm not. we have gone without a personal computer for 4 years!!!! can you believe that? who does that nowadays? well, seeing how this is our 7th house to live in during the past 4 years you just don't have time to unpack your computer. so maybe actually having a computer at this house shows some sort of permanent residence?!?!?! now....with all that being said and during all the relocations, we had our little miss Atlee. we are so overwhelmed with joy for her and as parents that we thought it would be appropriate to keep everyone up to date with whats going on in her world. so here goes.......