Sunday, July 5, 2009

fireworks, friends, and freedom

i hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of july! i know we did....we spent the weekend at lake bridgeport with lots of friends, fireworks, food, and fun!


so i think our child has leprosy.....not really. whatever this is, is really disgusting looking, right?!?!?! this "stuff" came up on her back about 3 days ago. it kept getting worse until finally her school called and said i needed to come get her because they think she has hives! i got her in to the doctor and after tests and exams, it seems to just be a bad case of exzema. so, i bet you are wondering what it looks like now? after just 1 application of prescription cream, its completely gone!!!! weird, i know.....i never thought that nasty stuff was going to go away!