Monday, June 21, 2010


as the diva and i spent some time together this weekend, these are just a few things i heard....

as we were out and about shopping she spots something....
atlee: "look at this!"
me: "what?"
atlee: "a purse!"
me: "yeah."
atlee: "i have to have it....its sooooo cute."
i chuckle and keep walking and then turn around to find her following me with a purple hobo bag on her shoulder.

she is in my bedroom and i walk into her room to get something. she yells at me across the house and says, "what are you doing in my room?!?!"

its about 10:00 p.m. and someone is still not asleep. i go into her room to check on her and she rolls over to say....
atlee: "what?!?"
me: "you need to go to sleep."
atlee: "no, you need to go to sleep!"

seriously do i live with a 2 year old or a teenager?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


we have been talking about ear piercing for awhile now and atlee kept telling me that she wanted earrings like mommy. being such a girly girl i knew that she was serious, but how was she going to react to having an ear gun punch a hole in her teeny tiny ear? so, i kind of just kept putting it off....until saturday when we were taking a stroll through sikes senter mall. we were actually about to leave when we passed by claires and i just stopped for a sec to look in there. i didn't even say anything and nana said, "you want to get her ears pierced don't you?" i told her to do some distracting while i go in and scope out the women who would be giving my daughter permanent ear jewelry. after interrogating these poor girls with question after question like "how long have you been piercing?"..."what kind of sterilization procedures do you have."...."can you tag-team and do both ears at one time?"...."is the manager here?"...."can she be involved?" i'm sure they pushed the silent button for "crazy mom alert"! either way, they made me feel a little less nauseous and i was ready to do this thang. so, as i walk out to get my precious baby i hear nana saying..."they are going to punch a hole in your ear and its going to be a little ouchy....not a big ouchy. it will only hurt for a minute." what?!?!?!?! oh i'm thinking its over now....she is not going to do this. surprisingly, she was still all for it! i guess at the young age of 2 she is already learning that sometimes pain is beauty. so long story short, she was a trooper. she sat so big in the chair while they prepped her and didn't squirm or fuss a bit. claire lady one began the countdown.....1-2-3.....done! a little delayed cry action for a few seconds and that was it! i was so proud of my little precious! needless to say, since this was not a planned event i didn't get pics to document this ordeal. here a few after the fact......
diamonds are a girls best friend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

splashing for our soldiers

we celebrated memorial weekend with lots of time in the water!