Thursday, February 17, 2011

first ski trip

we took atlee on her first ski trip to angel fire, nm the first weekend in february. our friends from decatur- jason, maria, and landree were able to join in on the fun too. we are so glad they came because we had such a fab time! after arriving we learned that the age requirement for ski school is 4 we obviously didn't do school this year. we decided to go ahead and get the girls into some ski's and let them get the feel for it. the first day they were a little apprehensive, but did ok with us just guiding them around. the second day was much better....they were brave enough to get on the top of a hill and ski down to their daddy's. all in all we think atlee did great for her first time skiing and are looking forward to continuing our ski trips as a family!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


what a cold 1st day of february! i told atlee last night that we would probably be seeing some snow today so first thing out of her this am was, "can i go make a snowman?" we did venture out to snap a few pics and make a snow angel.....but i didn't last long enough to make a snowman. she on the other hand was quite the snow bunny and would have stayed out all day if i let her. looks like we will be staying put tomorrow so maybe that snowman will be on our list of things to do. or......daddy.....i am praying that you won't get snowed in at work again and can come help with that lil' guy. :)