Tuesday, December 29, 2009

school christmas play

atlee's school had their christmas play a few weeks ago and it was entertaining (as always). this year her class wore red shirts with hand painted snowmen....courtesy of mrs. kristy. atlee and her classmates "performed" 2 songs.....they basically yelled the words of the songs and banged around some homemade tamborines....it was music to our ears! we had 2 cameras and were snapping away, but the lighting was horrible so none of the "performance" was captured clearly. so, here are a few family pics after the show.....

papa, daddy, gramee, mommy and atlee

gramee, nana, and the show-stopper
(as you can tell she is not digging the turtleneck)

snow flurries

christmas wrap-up

christmas this year is one we will always remember....from traveling in the blizzard, to being snowed in at the lake, to finally sliding into wf and somehow making it to our christmas celebrations.....but the one thing we will forever remember is our baby girl sitting in the backseat singing "happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear jesus....happy birthday to you!" i hope everyone enjoyed their christmas and celebrated the birth of jesus just like we did!

aunt heather and cousin finlee

aunt kim and daley

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gingerbread, di-di, and gramon

di-di and gramon came for their weekly visit to see atlee and decided they would "attempt" the gingerbread-making house thing. well, let me just say that they won't win any gingerbread-making contest anytime soon....at least not with a 2 year old!

the first couple of pics look good right?
ummmm yeah....looks like work of a 2 year old
and it didn't last very long
this is where it ended up!

fun times....thanks di-di and gramon for a christmas tradition for many years to come!!