Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

holidays 2010

our holidays were wonderful! it was great being closer to family this year and not traveling. we only had to get out of the house 2 times this Christmas and had lots of visitors in H-town.....being able to lounge in our pjs all day and have family come to us was a nice change. atlee was so much fun this Christmas! she actually understood all about santa and liked him....she knew that it was Jesus's birthday and why we celebrate the season. of course she is 3 years old so she enjoyed what all 3 year olds enjoy.....opening presents.....and lots of them. i don't have much to document in the picture department since daddy was left in charge of the camera and mommy had the video camera. i have lots of video, but i'm not sure how to shorten them. overall, the holidays came and went in a hurry, but it was definitely a memorable one to see christmas again through the eyes of a child.

ending 2010 and ringing in the new year with our little booger bear and the roberts fam was a great way to close out a fabulous year. cheers to 2011!